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“The Lotus and the Lamp”

What is the CNGI?

The Catholic Nurses Guild of India is an organization which was formed not as a fruit of planning on the part of a few zealous Catholic Nurses but at the request of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India when in 1956 a letter from the Holy See was received by the Internuncio, New Delhi, urging that Catholic nurses both lay and religious be organized into a Guild.

Why a Guild?

•This Organization has been founded and you are  members of it because our Holy Father has wisely called for the establishment of Catholic Nurses Organizations with activities basically spiritual to which our minds, out hearts and our wills must be directed.

•Pope Pius XII addressed you as beloved daughters and called upon you to unite, not only in India but throughout all parts of the world, as a group of nurses with unified effort to present Christ, Our Divine Master to everyone.


•Moral Protection

•Application of the Principles of religion and morality to adult and professional situations.

•Personal sanctification in and through the nursing profession

•Apostolate :  Give Christian witness

                          Promote Life

                          Protect Life in all its forms

                          Respect Human Dignity

                          Compassionate Care to all       

Does it have any  International Connection?

•At the International level   we have a body called   CICIAMS

   The International Committee of Catholic Nurses and Medical Social Assistants. It has its membership Continent-wise, which consist of    



   Africa and


 CNGI comes under the Asian region.  

CICIAMS - at the International Level

The mission of CICIAMS is to give Christian witness by Coordinating, Promoting, Respecting, Protecting and Representing Catholic Nurses everywhere. CICIAMS programs include World Congresses and Regional Conferences. CICIAMS conducts an International conference of Catholic Nurses once in four years, based on a selected theme which discusses current issues in Nursing. The four regions of CICIAMS conduct Regional Level Conferences on the same theme. It is then taken to the National Level Conventions of the Catholic Nurses Guild in every country that has the Catholic Nurses Guild. 

Membership can be: 

• Diocesan Wise: All Catholic nurses of every diocese through the Diocesan Units

• Institutional Wise: Any institution having catholic nurses at  health centre, Hospice,  Nursing Home, Hospital and School/Collage of Nursing.

• Individual :  For those areas where the Diocesan unit is not established. Every nurse (Female and Male) Religious or Lay, married or single, in practice or retired, is urged to be a member of the Guild.

| All the above nurses  can become a Life member by paying membership fees.

At the National Level

In India we are functioning in 9 regions. At regional level conventions are being conducted once in 4 years based on the International theme. The following are the  regions:

• Andhra Pradesh Region   

• Karnataka Region

• Madhya Pradesh

• Northern Region

• North East Region

• Orissa & Chhattisgarh

• South West Region

• Tamil Nadu Region

• Western Region

Diocesan Level steps in Organizing a Guild

• Approval from the Ordinary of the Diocese.

• Appointment of a Spiritual Director by the Ordinary

• A group of nurses come together and form a committee witch consist of


             Vice President



              Ecclesiastical Advisor

Activities of CNGI


  • Advent and Lenten Recollections  to be conducted every year for the  nurses with some inputs on Christian values.

  • Adoration

  • Retreats for the nurses can be planned at the local Level


  • Workshop on various issues related to nursing profession can be planned  eg Continuing nursing education, Stress management,  Palliative Care , Training on Counseling  and Communication skills, and training in  advance nursing skills ect.


Outreach programs like home care to the needy, visit to the orphanage, helping during disaster, conducting health education for schools and the neighborhoods .

  • Conduct regular meetings at the existing units.

  • Take initiatives to increase the membership.

  • Regular training programs for nurses

  • Once in three months regular zonal meetings.

  • Conduct cultural and art competitions with professional interest.

  • Take the initiatives to help out in all the spiritual activities of your institution and parish as CNGI members.

  • Arrange regular recollection days, and seminars for the spiritual  upliftment of the members

  • Once a month organize one charitable activity as a unit.

  • Help the members in their financial crisis, fatal illnesses or professional challenges.


We have our newsletter which is called “The Lotus and the Lamp” To bring out the edition we need your programs events and above all your contribution in the form of ARTICLES.

The following  members were elected our:

1. National President :- Sr. Sarala Macwan F.C 

2. Vice President :- Sr. Josna

3. Secretary :- Mrs. Ida Mendonca

4. Treasurer :- Mrs. Albina Phoshir-

5. Member :- Blanche-  Goa

6. Member :- Yesudasan - Kerala

7. Member :- Sini Rachel Samuel -Delhi

8. Member :- Sr. Sonia-- AndraPradesh

9. Member :- Ms.Lanshide- North East

10. Member :- Ms.Clera Soreng-- Orissa

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